News for the week of January 28th

We love going out for recess but it's cold out there!  Please send your child with hat and gloves.
This week we will begin our hardcover Wonders reading book.  The stories are longer and skills are harder.  Please read and review papers that come home every night.  Practice makes perfect!



This week the children will learn six new words: about, animal, carry, eight, give, our, review and practice long vowel Aa, work on alphabetical order, identify cause and effect, read charts, and work with phonemes. Do you know how a child becomes a good reader?   They read!

In Math the children will be assessed on Topic 8.  I put a practice test on the Savvas website. In Topic 9 we will find one more, one less, ten more, or ten less than a given number. 

In Religion this week the children will learn about the Holy Family and look more closely at the Our Father.  They will attend mass onTuesday.  We will listen and work to understand next Sunday's gospel in our Promise magazine.

We are doing Intensive Phonics on the chalkboard and on our white boards. This week the boys and girls will be practicing long vowel Aa with the combinations ai, a-e, and ay.  


The Spelling words for this week are chain, mail, rain, play, way, day, took, hood, our, and carry. This test will be Friday, January 28th.  Studying a little every night is not only a good habit to instill but it really works!

In Grammar, we will study the correct use of the verbs WAS and WERE.

Our Schedule


Our weekly schedule of activities: 


  • Monday - P.E.

  • Tuesday - Art

  • Wednesday - Computers

  • Thursday -  Art

  • Friday - Music


The children switch classes on Thursdays.



Monday, Thursday-



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